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TAMPA, Fla. — We’ve heard of a few bad mom moments before, but this one probably takes the cake! We’ve got viral video of a stripper giving a birthday boy a lap dance.

Problem is… he’s only eight.

According to several reports, a mom in Florida — no surprise there — allegedly hired a stripper for her son’s birthday entertainment.

Video shows the pink panties-wearing stripper twerkin’ as the kid laughs. It also appears the kid throws some cash on the stripper too.

Really?! Was the clown overbooked or something?

Well, after footage from the party hit the web, the unidentified mom ended up getting clowned online. People are calling the whole situation– child abuse.

According to the New York Post, Tampa PD received calls about the video but didn’t act because the footage didn’t reveal when and where the incident took place.

Our opinion? If there’s anybody that should be getting the birthday licks… it’s the adults!