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UNIVERSITY PARK — It was a construction site turned crime scene, when a burglar thought he was going to easily walk away with a saw. But, looking at this video footage, the robber might just hit up Home Depot next time.

The suspect’s red car cruises down McFarland Blvd. in University Park, before stopping in front of a construction site. He gets out the car and picks up the saw before making a quick run for it, because he was spotted! That’s when you see a group of construction workers run after him.

Now at this point, you’d think the dude’s gonna get away right? Naaaahhh… (at least, not yet).

One of the workers then hops on the hood of the suspects car while it zooms off in reverse! The rest take off in their cars for a reported chase the video doesn’t show.

But wait … There’s more.

The suspect’s car speeds back down the street — with the same worker still holding on for life.

Now, how much was this saw worth, again?? In all seriousness, according to the police report, the saw was worth $1200 and believe it or not the suspect got away with it. University Park police is working to track down the tool and the stolen saw!

As for the neighbors, thanks to their surveillance cam and thousands of YouTube views, this case just may be cracked!