WATCH: Gorilla Goes Ape, Cracks Zoo Glass

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OMAHA, NE – Hey kids, don’t taunt wild animals unless you’re ready to rumble! A little girl learned that lesson the scary way when a gorilla charged her at the zoo in Nebraska.

In a 12-second YouTube video, the girl is seen beating her chest at a Silverback. That’s when a little boy says, “don’t do that!”

Too late. The next thing you know, the powerful primate takes off running right at the thick glass barrier and cracks it!

The video was originally posted to Reddit and has more than 1 million views.

The Reddit poster wrote:

“When we first seen him. He had a gash under his eye. The zoo keeper said, he was fighting with one of the other gorillas just before we showed up. He kept looking at angrily at me. I probably should not have kept looking at him. The video is longer of him were he charged me once just before this. But i was no longer in the same window. I had moved to this window.”

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