WATCH: Councilman Tased in Town Where Sandra Bland Died

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PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas -- It looks like any other taser incident. But what makes this different is where it happened and who got tased.

It happened Thursday night in Prairie View. Yep, that Prairie View. The same place where Sandra Bland was arrested during a traffic stop and later died in jail.

As for the guy who got stunned, Prairie View Councilman Jonathan Miller.

Some of his frat brothers say they were practicing dance steps in his yard when an officer started questioning them. Miller came out to check on his friends.

"I think another officer comes up and asks us was he a part of what's going on. She tells him no he wasn't. The other officer asked him to step back," witness Alaric Jones said.

Officer body cams recorded part of the incident.

One officer's voice may sound familiar. She was also on the scene of Sandra Bland's arrest. It's not a coincidence. Prairie View only has six officers.

The Chief is standing by his officers, "I haven't seen anything that gave me cause for concern as far as the officer's conduct at this point."

Councilman Miller say he didn't do anything wrong, either. At least this time, everyone live to tell their side of the story.

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