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FORT WORTH—One year ago, the DreamVision Company announced some big, big plans! A $3.5 Billion theme park built in Fort Worth, scheduled to open in 2020!

“I am pleased to announce we have chosen the location and will share the details in upcoming press announcements, including site specifics,” DreamVision CEO Rick Silanskas said at a huge announcement event last year.

And that’s the last we ever heard of them! Yep, one year and no announcements. So what’s up with this 5,000-acre theme park we were promised?

Well, NewsFix got to digging to see if we could find any answers!

First, we reached out to the PR company that planned the big announcement event last year, and they said they haven’t heard from the DreamVision Company since then.

Next, we talked with the Roald Dahl literary estate, since one of the proposed rides was based on his classic: Charlie And the Chocolate Factory. They said they’ve received no contact from DreamVision about licensing for that ride.

Lastly, we asked the city of Fort Worth and nope! They haven’t heard from the mysterious company either!

On their website, it says they are a Better Business Bureau-accredited company, but the BBB’s official listing would seem to disagree with that!

We even went to the address listed as DreamVision’s headquarters in Downtown Fort Worth, and they aren’t there.

So a year later, the mystery over the DreamVision Company’s massive announcement is still as odd as ever.

As for whether we’ll see a $3.5 billion dollar theme park in Tarrant County in the next few years, dream on!