Walker Stalker Con Invades Dallas!

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DALLAS — Fads come and go. Remember Pirates vs. Ninjas or Werewolves and Vampires?

But one “viral” craze just won’t die… literally! Zombies!

And today in Dallas, thousands of “Undead Heads” packed the convention center for Walker Stalker Con.

“It’s fantastic, the fans are so excited.” said Jackie Prustman, the VP of Operations with Walker Stalker, “This is our second year here. Last year was a huge showing, this year is much of the same the actors are thrilled. It’s a great crowd, they really love this stuff!”

Love is right! These fans pack unbelievable time and energy into their top notch costumes!

“I stayed up last night, all last night actually, doing the eye which is the main part of this whole costume.” said Alex, a die-hard Walking Dead fan in an eerily accurate Carl costume.

But where does all the zombie love come from? What makes the living dead such an unkillable phenomenon?

“I think it’s a mixture of kind of the fantasy of it and people just really enjoying the adventure, mixed with survivalist mentality.” said Prustman, “I mean people have survival plans for if this happened!”

As for the fans? Well their reasons are all over the map, from treating the convention as a second Halloween to just loving zombies so much they’d like to be one!

So whether you want to join the brain eating hordes, or join up with a band of zombie hunters, it looks like this apocalyptic mania won’t be going in the grave anytime soon.

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