Vocal Fry Frenzy: New Fad Giving Women a Bad Rep?

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DALLAS -- If you've been spending time "Keeping up with the Kardashians," you might have picked up a few of their habits like vocal frying. You know, that low creaky vibration produced in the voice box.

Well, the frying fad is pretty popular thanks to a few famous fryers, but could this sizzling speech trend fry a woman's rep?

Vocal fry has become increasingly popular among the female college crowd, but researchers warn it may undermine the success of young women in the professional world.

Just like "Valley Girl" up-talk, some people are already burnt out on vocal fry! Critics are voicing their opinions, calling it a destructive speech pattern for the next generation.

Hey, just because someone sounds a certain way doesn’t mean they're not smart.

OMG, whatever happened to like totally encouraging women to find her voice no matter how it sounds?

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