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MCKINNEY, Texas—Hey, while you might be all about that bass,  some Texas mommas just can’t ‘Clean this Place.’

The laughing moms music video parody of Meghan Trainor’s hit song has gone viral, racking up more than a million views on YouTube.

NewsFix caught up with one McKinney Mom star in action.

“My mom…on her phone, she had about 5 songs and most of them were churchy songs, and ‘All About that Bass’ was on her phone, and I was like, ‘really mom?’ My 68-year-old mom is jamming to All That Bass?’

And the rest was history!  She and a few mommy friends produced the song and the video…with a little help.

“Actually, [it was] also out of the blue right once I woke up, they were like ‘get dressed. Come on,’” Merrick’s daughter Zara said.  “It was awesome.”

Underneath the big wigs and bright-colored lipstick, these moms have a message.

“Especially with social media, we tend to see the best in other people and their happiest moments, I think sometimes we also forget we all have struggles,” Merrick said.  “People can know that there are other moms out there to commiserate and laugh…”

In addition to shooting out YouTube hits like, ‘Look at me now’ and ‘Mom of the year,’ this supermom  finds time to run her own yoga studio, Yoganics.

Go mom!