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UNIVERSITY PARK – A dramatic chase unfolded in a Park Cities neighborhood in Dallas as construction workers jumped into action to catch a thief who stole their equipment — and a nearby security camera captured all of it.

Home security video across the street from the construction site on Douglas Avenue shows a maroon Buick LeSabre drive by, reverse, then pull forward again slowly. The thief jumps out, runs up the yard, grabs a $1,200 saw, and begins to take off, but not before the workers start yelling and coming after him.

One worker even jumps on the hood of the car, but that doesn’t slow down the thief at all; other workers chase after, in trucks and on foot. The chase leaves the view of the security camera, but only briefly; seconds later the thief’s car comes racing back into frame with the worker still hanging onto the hood. A truck driven by one of the workers rams the LeSabre, forcing a crash.

The construction worker who went for a ride on the hood was (somehow) not injured, but the thief got away.

Police are still looking for the suspect and the maroon Buick LeSabre; they say the car’s front and rear bumpers should have damage and should be riding on the rim of the left rear tire.

Both are probably nowhere near a construction site.