Woman Claims Tattoo Parlor Featured on VH1 Left Her Disfigured

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NEW YORK CITY - We're not tattoo experts here, even though Grego has plenty of them, but when you look at Asabi Barner’s body art you can tell something isn't right.

The 30-year-old hit up Harlem tattoo parlor "Black Ink" in hopes of getting a dope chest piece to cover some tats she got when she was 18. Instead, it looks like she ended up with more than just bad ink.

"It didn't look infected and it was still sore, but it was very pusy and gooey,” Barner explained.

Yuck! This definitely wasn't what Barner was expecting from a place that’s built up a rep on the VH1 reality show.

“They were on TV. She watched their show religiously,” explained Barner’s lawyer. “She thought they were the best."

Besides all the TV drama, "Black Ink" claims to be the best of the best, especially when it comes to inking black skin.

But a full year after getting her tattoo, Barner says she still has to use ice packs on her chest to relieve the burning and itching. That's why she's slapping the tattoo spot with a lawsuit, claiming they were careless and negligent.

“It creates a problem because you don't have that confidence,” added Barner. “I wasn't overly confident before but I felt good about myself.”

No word from the "Black Ink" crew, but one thing's for sure, there’s a permanent lesson to be learned here.

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