Vaping becoming more common in teens

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Vaping, a type of tobacco-less smoking using an electronic cigarette, is becoming more common, especially among teens.

Unfortunately, it can also lead to addiction.

The National Academies of Sciences says e-cigarettes that contain nicotine can be addictive and can lead teenagers to actual smoking.

Instead of tobacco, e-cigarettes burn a chemical liquid. The problem is, most of those chemicals are not regulated by the FDA.

in fact, we don`t even know what`s in most of them, and many do have nicotine... lots of nicotine. as much as 5 times the amount found in a normal cigarettes.

Morning Dose. spoke with addiction psychiatrist, Dr. Howard Urschel, who said he sees a lot of addiction related to e-cigarettes.

"We see probably 10-15% of our patients come in vaping marijuana," Urschel said. "Probably 80% of our patients come in  for alcohol or heroin or methamphetamine. They're all vaping on the nicotine side."

Urschel also said that something about the chemicals in e-cigarettes may impact users' immune system, leading to sores that mimic cold sores - but don`t heal. They can spread down the throat and into the lungs.

On the flip side, the new study suggested that e-cigarettes are healthier than regular tobacco cigarettes, and may help smokers quit smoking altogether.

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