University of North Texas using ‘bystander intervention’ to keep students safe from violence

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DENTON – The ‘Mean Green’ is going greener?

The University of North Texas is rolling out The Green Dot initiative on their campus to teach students how to stand up for anyone who’s a victim of violence or bullying.

“We learn different techniques to intervening different situations,” said Renee McNamara, UNT’s campus survivor advocate. “Sometimes it might be directly intervening in a situation. It might be calling somebody else to come in and help in that situation. It might be causing a distraction.”

Several faculty members have already been trained, and they’re ready to do whatever’s needed to make sure students feel safe from any type of aggressor.

“I’m extremely excited to have such a program on campus especially to be able to provide a voice for the voiceless,” said student Nohely Galindo.

Training will open up next month for students who want to join the Green Dot squad to help make sure that everyone on campus feels like they belong.

“It builds another level to feeling comfortable, feeling safe,” student Johan Gonzalez said, “making this feel like home.”


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