University Giving Students Lesson in Reality

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CHICAGO, IL – Part of going to college is not only about getting lessons within the classroom but lessons about the real world and one of the biggest lessons out there is that you don`t always get your way. That`s exactly what incoming freshmen at the University of Chicago are finding out.

The university is a hot topic after sending out a letter informing students that they won`t cancel controversial speakers. The letter went on to explain that the university doesn`t believe in “trigger warnings” or in creating “intellectual safe spaces” that are, apparently, all the rage these days on college campuses.

Those in support of the university`s stance believe it`s a victory for free speech but others believe that there should be measures in place for students to deal with the potential emotional toll of a controversial speaker.

Either way, don’t expect non-politically correct speeches to end anytime soon at the University of Chicago.

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