United We Stand: New Dallas Group to Travel Country Preaching Unity

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DALLAS -- If you've been on social media this week, you've probably seen a video taken Sunday in North Dallas, of two opposing protest groups coming together and reconciling their differences.

Now, members of both groups have joined forces to form a new one.  They're calling it America Together in Unity.

"The country's so divided," said Joseph Offutt, one of the counter-protesters in the video. "If we can actually bring down the wall, break down that barrier, we can set differences aside and work on the solution."

The new group plans to take that message on the road, starting in Baton Rouge.

"We're going to go over to these communities and say, 'Okay look, we came together,'" Offutt told NewsFix. "We're going to come to your community.  We're going to show you how we did that."

"We've been in contact with the mayor's office, and the mayor is the one who really has dealings with the police department," said Ty Hardaway, who was on the opposite side from Offutt at the beginning of that viral video. "So everybody can make sure that we understand where each other's coming from, and understand the problems that we face."

To pay for their journey, Together In Unity has set up a GoFundMe page.

Hey, together we stand, divided we fall, right?

Leave it to Dallas to lead by example.



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