North Texas Man Uses Swiffer to Get Owl Out of Home

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Colton Wright just wanted a quiet evening at home when he noticed his cat had something in its mouth. What was it? Make that who!

“I wanted to keep the owl safe, I told our cat to get away. Locked the cat out made sure she couldn’t harm the owl.” said Wright

Now all Wright had to do was get this little guy out of the house. Easier said than done. Wright grabbed the closest thing to him to get the bird to fly the coop.

“I was able to move the Swiffer under its talons to get it on there, and slowly lower him out,” Wright said.

Along with the Swiffer, he also had his phone capturing every moment to post online. The video went viral with over 3 million hits and counting, and now Wright is the Who’s-Who online.

Wright says a Swiffer isn’t the preferred method of getting critters out of your house, but if it gets the job done… who cares?

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