Unhealthy Habits That Are As Bad As Smoking

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You always hear “everything is bad for you!” well sadly…it’s kinda true!
Simplemost.com put together some habits that seem harmless but can actually be just as unhealthy as smoking.

First up, sitting all day at work. Even if you hit the gym, sitting for long periods of time is really bad for you.

The Alberta Health Services Cancer Care says inactivity is linked to 160,000 cases of breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer every year.
But if you have to be chained to your desk at work, try to get up regularly and when you get home make sure to go for a walk rather than Netflix and chill.

Another habit you should kicking is indoor tanning.

Health experts agree fake baking will increase your risk of skin cancer and premature aging.
So, if you want a natural glow chow down on some carrots and tomatoes. Also, use a sunless tanner and try to keep your skin moisturized.

You may also want to lay off the soda. Science daily says every time you slurp down the sugary stuff you’re increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

There’s about 35 grams of sugar in a can of soda, and that adds up pretty fast. How to fix it?

Drink water! It’s oh-so healthy and cheap.

And make sure you’re getting plenty of rest at night.

Not getting enough sleep can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and obesity.

So, get those z’s! Hey, we know bad habits die hard but at least try your best to avoid them.

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