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DALLAS FORT WORTH — Watch your head out there, especially if you live around Irving. Video shot last week shows a shimmering bright light — in the middle of the day. Then, it just vanished into thin air.

Are we talking UFOs, or what?

The witness says there were five or six of “whatever it was” speeding around the galaxy.

So we asked a UFO expert: Is this the real deal?

Ken Cherry has investigated hundreds of sightings and even written a book about UFOs. He says people who’ve seen these ‘invaders’ all pretty much describe the same thing.

“It’s very typical of hundreds of reports coming in and from all over the state at various times,” Cherry said.

Reports of UFO sightings in Texas are being posted online several times a week, like one in San Antonio just two weeks ago.

“Often they are seen in formation, there are a number of them. Or there may be one that splits into seven. Or there may be several that combine into one. In every case, though, there seems to be some sort of intelligence behind them,” he said.

But hey, there are airports around here. Could that be it?

“A plane couldn’t do it.  But that doesn’t mean there are other phenomenon that couldn’t create what the gentleman saw,” Cherry said.

Okay…. so are we talking about those guys with foil hats who are just wanting to be beamed up by an alien?

“Being a UFO means unidentified flying object,” Cherry said. It doesn’t mean it’s from outer space.”

If they’re not from outer space, where the green devil are they from ??

“Many of them live here, have lived here and that is the reason they have been sighted so frequently throughout the ages. They occupy this planet with us,” Cherry said.

Oh. Waaaay better. Turns out, we’re talking about the guy next door. Or the local barista — the one who make out of this world cappuccino.

Beam me up!