Uber technology wants to know if you’re too drunk to ride

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — If you’re too drunk to drive, you may also be too drunk to ride.

Uber has submitted a patent that would use artificial intelligence to figure out if a passenger has had a few too many before they get in the car.

For instance, the patent says the ride share company would be able to tell if a customer is drunk in a few different ways, like how they hold their phone, typos, how accurately a user clicks on links and buttons, their walking speed, and how long it takes to call a ride.

It would even look at the time of day and where the request came from. So if someone’s hailing an Uber near a bar or club at 2 A.M., probably safe to say that rider may not be sober.

It’s no surprise the people of the internet aren’t quite on board with the idea, saying this could be an excuse for drivers to steer clear or charge extra from certain inebriated clientele.

But Uber claims it’s all to have a smooth ride. Meaning a rider could be matched with a driver with experience or training and passengers probably wouldn’t be given the option to share a car.

Looks like we won’t know for sure until the wheels start rolling on this patent.

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