Uber & Lyft Riding Out of Austin After Losing Fingerprinting Vote

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AUSTIN, TX — Although Austin has been labeled “weird” it’s also known as one of the busiest cities in Texas. But, if you’re planning to explore ACL  or SXSW in the future, don’t count on Uber or Lyft to get you around. Both companies are threatening a city “shutdown” come Monday morning!

They say they’re riding out of Austin after their fight to override a city proposition, which requires all drivers to undergo a fingerprint background check, failed during yesterday’s voting.

The city claims it will increase public safety, but both companies argue that fingerprinting would put a burden on their drivers and hurt their bottom line.

Last year, San Antonio enforced fingerprint checks and as a result, Uber left, then came back after city leaders made it voluntary.

Here’s hoping that everyone involved can take the high road and work something out, or things really will get “weird” in Austin!

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