Uber is now a Taxi in Europe as Liam Neeson gives directions via Waze

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Another blow for Uber!

The European Union’s top court just decided Uber should follow transportation rules, not technology rules.

So what does that mean? Basically, Uber will be regulated like other taxi operators. Before, the only thing they were responsible for was the app, along with connecting drivers and passengers.

So why switch it up all of a sudden?

Well, it all comes from a lawsuit in Spain by an organization representing the country's professional taxi drivers. The court says Uber had an unfair advantage in Spain because some of its drivers didn't have licenses to drive taxis.

Now, this ruling doesn't have any effect in the states, but while you're riding around in that next Uber of yours, you might hear a familiar voice.

We all thought we knew everything Liam Nesson was about but now he’s working for Waze?

That's right! If you need a little more direction in your life and during your ride Neeson is there to help! Just go to your settings in the Waze app and choose Neeson to take you on your next adventure.

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