Uber fires 20, hires new VP to help fix company culture


BARCELONA, SPAIN – JULY 01: In this photo illustration, the app ‘Uber’ is launched in a smart phone on July 1, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Taxi drivers in main cities strike over unlicensed car-halling services. Drivers say that is a lack of regulation behind the new app. (Photo Illustration by David Ramos/Getty Images)

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Let’s be honest, Uber’s reputation is questioned by some. Especially as of late, after allegations from former employees of sexism and harassment has surfaced.

Well, Uber announced on Tuesday that they’re firing 20 employees after internal investigation into those harassment claims. And in one of their attempts to do some damage control, they hired a new VP.

Harvard professor and administrator Frances Frei is now the Senior Vice President of Uber. And we can expect to see some serious changes, as Frei is known for helping organizations revamp their world culture.

While that was happening, CEO Travis Kalanick also made headlines in February when a video was released to the public showing him having a heated argument with one of the company’s drivers – which he later apologized for.

Well, one problem Frei might not be able to fix is the on-going feud with cab companies around the country.

Yes, we’ve heard the rumors, but it’s all but official in Chicago.

New data released by the Chicago Cab Drivers Union suggests that more people are choosing to ditch cabs for ride-sharing services, like Uber. According to the study, over the last three years cabbies have seen their revenue decrease by nearly 40 percent.

So what will Uber tackle next? Maybe long distance rides. On Sunday, an Uber driver took three business men on a 650 mile trip from DFW Aiport to Nashville, Tennessee. It all happened when their connecting flight to Nashville was repeatedly delayed.

Yeah, and if more people decide to do that, watch out Greyhound – Uber may is coming for you next.

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