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WACO, Texas — This time of year is busy for many, but especially for shipping companies. USPS sees millions of packages and mail every holiday season

“So last year, the postal service, we delivered over 1.1 billion packages and that was a record year for the postal service,” New Waco Postmaster Aaron Williams said.

Due to the pandemic, many shipped their gifts and holiday treats in 20-20 and will continue to do so this year.

But, USPS is ready and welcomes customers to bring their shipping needs to them.

“This year we’ve made investments in mail sorting machines, over 500 extra sorting machines,” he said. “We’ve added over 40 more annexes and processing facilities that allows us to process this mail expeditiously so that we won’t have any delays in our packaging and mail in getting out to our customers.”

There are multiple levels of shipping within the U.S. Post Office, and Postmaster Williams said each has a deadline date if you want your items to reach their destination by Christmas.

“If you’re going to send any first class mail, December 17 is the best day to get out,” he said. “December 18 is going to be our priority mail service with our express service. By December 23 with our express service and we’re also going to be delivering experience on Christmas day as well. “

Despite the large number of packages and long hours ahead of them, Postmaster Wiliams knows they are ready for this holiday season.

“So we’re really ramped up, we’re really ready to make sure that we provide a great service this season, even though with the pandemic, we are going to deliver the service that you are expecting, paying for and what we’ve been here doing for years previously,” he fininshed.