U.S. Policy Opens Exotic New Land to American Tourists

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DALLAS–If you love to travel, it’s time to celebrate. A new, exotic destination is now open to you.

No, not Cuba. We’re talking Iran!

The U.S. lifted sanctions on Iran last month and at least one North Texan is eager to go there!

“Yeah, most likely I’d think so.  Especially ‘cause I couldn’t go before,” Adrian Garcia told NewsFix. “It makes you wanna go there more. Check it out, see cool places, see their history, see what kinda people they are. Especially  their food.  That’d be pretty cool.”

Most folks we talked to weren’t so eager.

“I’m not sure if I would even travel outside the U.S. just because of the turmoil and uncertainties,” Vicki Wood said.

“It`s not somewhere that interests me,” Lichele Bell said.

The State Department says it’s still not the most American-friendly place you could pick.

Their website warns of the risk of being harassed, arrested and detained.

And we don’t have an embassy there, so if you get in trouble, Uncle Sam might not be able to help you!

Okay, so if Iran’s out, how about China?

It’s pretty exotic, but here’s your Shanghai Surprise: the biggest danger might be the air!

It’s so smoggy, a guy in Dorset County, England, is bottling that clean, British country air and selling it in China.

People are actually paying £80–or about 115 bucks–for enough air to fill a 20 ounce coke bottle.

Wonder if it’s an air mail delivery.

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