TxDOT reminds Texans to secure the load

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MESQUITE--We've all been driving when something comes flying out of the back of another vehicle.

"Everyone has seen this each one of us has been driving down the road. You get a new car. Within the first month you get a chip on the windshield," said Lonny Haschel with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

There are 51,000 incidents involving unsecured loads in the U.S each year. That's why TxDOT wants to remind you to secure the load when driving down on the roadway, especially this summer.

"Many of us have seen these things come flying out of the back of pick up trucks, off the top of cars, out of trailers down the road. It's a stark reminder to all Texans about the danger of not securing cargo." Haschel said.

Here in Texas, there were 395 crashes caused by loads not being secured. 47 of those led to someone being hurt or killed.

"We don't want to see anybody get hurt. There is already enough fatality that happens when it involves striking objects in the middle of the roadway," said Raul Reyna of the Dallas County Sheriff's office.

So, what's the message TxDOT wants you to remember?

"During this busy summer travel season we encourage everyone to secure themselves in the vehicle with their seat belts. Secure their children with child safety seats, secure their cargo with tie-down straps, netting." Haschel said.

It's better to be safe than sorry, so, remember to wrap up that cargo.

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