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FATE, Texas – In many ways, 2-year-old Ahmed from Nairobi, Kenya is just like any other toddler.

But something sets him sets apart from other kids. Ahmed was born with a congenital heart defect which could shorten his life expectancy. Ahmed and his mother traveled nearly 9,000 miles to North Texas with the help of the non profit Heart Gift.

They’re staying in the town of Fate, until he gets his surgery. As “fate” would have it, the mother from Kenya is putting her faith in strangers. Strangers like the Dallas doctors who, she hopes, can help her son.

And another stranger: Tieresa Reeves.

“She is very sweet,” Reeves said. “She loves her family, and loves that baby, because that’s the things that mom`s do to take care of their kids. She is staying with people she has never met in her life to get care for him, and that`s an amazing thing.”

Reeves says she will be hosting the family for the next few weeks. She says it’s the neighborly thing to do.

“We are to love our neighbors, and she is my neighbor. If I was in need, I sure would want someone to be willing to help me get care for my child.”