Two Fires Shock Dallas Neighborhood

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DALLAS – Folks on Seevers Avenue are on high alert. Two houses located right across the street from each other both caught fire n the span of less than 24 hours.

You can’t blame neighbors for being wary.

“We’re pretty scared” said Rosalinda Mendoza who lives next door to the first house that burned down. “I mean we`re in the middle of this and we’re scared of somebody else’s house getting on fire. We have cameras all over the house but we still don’t feel safe.”

Lonny Duke, the owner of the second house to go up in flames, is left with a burnt out home and a burning question.

“We’re baffled,” said Dukes. “We’re trying to figure out how the houses are connected and what`s going on on this street”

Dallas Fire Rescue confirmed their investigations show the first house fire is arson. They’re still investigating the latest fire and say they don’t know if there’s a connection or just a bizarre coincidence.

It doesn’t really matter for Duke. He’s picking up what’s left and moving forward.

“That’s the family house. We had a lot of years invested in it” Duke said. “We’re going to go through it, take out all the personal belongings, gut it out, rebuild the family house.”

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