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FRISCO – The story sounds bad…but the video is even worse.

“We responded to a fight in progress call,” said Officer Radd Rotello from the Frisco Police Department. “Turns out one 17-year-old was knocked unconscious and then assaulted by two, 18-year-olds. The video is pretty graphic. It shows one unconscious 17-year-old laying on the ground, and then two 18-year-olds continuing to assault him after he’s unconscious. It even shows, at one point, one of the folks hitting him in the head with their foot.”

After being attacked and stomped, you can see people from the mall stepping in to help the victim.

“From what we understand, he’s still in pain, but recovering,” Rotello said.

Stonebriar Centre officials responded to the fight with a statement saying:

“During the time of the altercation, our security officers were patrolling and monitoring the property, and reacted immediately to provide aid to the victim and resolve the situation.”

Now two guys are looking at potential time in the slammer.

Sincere Wheat, 18, and Jonathan Ekeocha-Ivy, 18, have been arrested and charged with aggravated assault.