Twitter vigilante is calling out the tiki torch wielding white nationalists

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — People are calling him a modern day vigilante! A Twitter account with the handle @YesYoureRacist is doing its part to out the white nationalists at Friday’s rally in Charlottesville.

The man behind the keyboard, Logan Smith, originally wanted to be unnamed but came out on CNN Monday to talk about his digital crusade.

“There was one young man from Nevada that was pictured with an incredibly angry expression,” Smith said. “We tracked him down quickly.”

That guy is a 20-year old student at the University of Nevada named Peter, and he was only one of many to be called out. For his part, Peter has defended his beliefs as a white nationalist.

People aren’t just looking at the angry protesters. They’re looking at what they’re holding too! When the protesters set out on their path, they needed to gear up! They must have had a hard time finding torches and pitch forks at Home Depot, so they opted for fancy tiki torches instead!

Cue the internet reaction! One Twitter user posted this gif:

Another person said:

The tiki company came back with this statement:

You can bet backyard luaus will never be the same again!

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