Twin brothers shot, one killed near Burleson school

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BURLESON — A 17-year-old Burleson student is dead, his twin brother in the hospital, and another teen is accused of pulling the trigger.

18-year-old Tristan Torres turned himself in and is awaiting arraignment at the Johnson County Corrections Center.

Burleson Police say Torres opened fire on Cameron and Camden Lewis late Saturday night near Mound Elementary School. Investigators believe the twins were there to meet up with another group of kids for a fight. That’s when they say Torres drove by and started shooting.

“The victim was sitting in the driver’s side of his vehicle when he was shot, and his twin brother was standing next to the vehicle,” Burleson Police said in a Facebook post. “Torres fired the weapon from his vehicle while stopped at 300 NW Tarrant.”

Cameron was pronounced dead at the hospital. Camden was shot in the foot.

“I actually got a text less than 5 minutes ago that Camden is awake,” friend of the family, 16-year-old Mackenzie Whitworth, told NewsFix. “He’s still in the hospital, but he’s awake and he’s doing okay.”

Mackenzie says the twins and Torres had beef in the past, “They both had clashes. We’re teenagers. We all have clashes.”

But she never thought it would escalate to this, “There was no point of him to be pulling out a gun on my best friends.”

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