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DALLAS — It’s a blast from the past on two wheels!

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff hosted its annual “Tweed Ride” event on Sunday. Participants turn out in their dapper best and ride the city in early 20th century style.

“I think we’re all a little stressed this year,” said Tracy Popken Springer with Bike Friendly Oak Cliff. “So, we’re going to be wearing happy clothes, riding old bikes, cruising through the prettiest parts of downtown and the having a big picnic.”

Besides being a fun, throwback excursion, the ride can also have an educational purpose.

“Part of the goal of this ride is connecting different parts of town that you might not realize are so easily connected,” Springer said. “For instance, we are going to go from the front door of Fair Park down to all the main bars of Deep Ellum, we’re going to be there in about six minutes. And then from there it’ll be about 15 minutes more until we’re at the DMA, so this town is a lot more interconnected than we all think.”

So maybe it’s time to think about getting a bike to cruise around Big D. And as longs you’re doing that, might as well do it with a little bit of tweed style!