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OXNARD, CA — There’s bad blood boiling at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, CA. But, they’re not taking it out on each other. Instead, the boys have the perfect enemy in the Oakland Raiders to release some pent up aggression.

And, that’s exactly what they did.

The ‘Boys and the Raiders  were involved in a little bit of a dust up following a vicious hit delivered by Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne during Tuesday’s scrimmage.

Angry players, from both camps, created a dog pile along the sidelines where excited fans were standing.

As the beatdown intensified, a fan of the silver and black was caught on cellphone video taking a swing with a helmet at one of the Cowboys’ players.

The turf war, which went viral, was settled after the cops stepped in.

Officers were attending the afternoon practice after reports of rival gangs showing up to watch the on-the-field action. But, they were actually needed to keep the peace between the Cowboys and Raiders.