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DFW AIRPORT — It’s a crack down on the white stuff! No, not drugs. Though, that’s definitely illegal, too.

It’s powder. TSA is now limiting how much you can bring on board.

If you’ve got more than 12 ounces of it in your carry-on bag, the size of a soda can, it’ll have to go through extra screenings.

If TSA officers can’t figure out what the powder is, it may be discarded or put into checked baggage.

The organization says it hopes this will help protect passengers from improvised explosives.

So, make sure you’re careful about how you pack your baby powder, baking soda, protein powder or even baby formula!

You don’t want to end up like hundreds of other people who have lost their valuables before getting on board!

Just take a look at TSA’s Instagram, it’s clear that people don’t always pay attention to the rules!

You may also will want to pack your patience this summer. It’s supposed to be one of the busiest yet. That means you could end up in long lines.

TSA expects to screen about 243 million people between Memorial and Labor Day.

Do yourself a favor and check before you “check!”