Trump Merch Not A Hot Seller At RNC?

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PLANO — The Donald Trump Show in Cleveland wrapped up Thursday.  And while The Donald walked away from the Republican National Convention with a shiny new official nomination, it seems a lot of folks walked away without any shiny new Trump swag.

Vendors at the convention reported having trouble moving merch with the nominee’s name and likeness on it.  That surprised a Texas woman best known for wearing Trump’s mug.

“At the rallies, when I think back, too, I don’t think a lot of that was flying off the tables either,” said Barbara Tomasino from Plano. “I don’t know why.”

That hasn’t stopped Tomasino from becoming something of a celebrity by wearing her custom-made “Trump Dresses” to rallies in the Dallas area.

“If you google me, I’m out there,” said the ‘Trump Dress Lady.’ “The supporters go crazy over the dress.”

So what’s with the slow sales?  Sure, Donald’s got his opponents in the #NeverTrump crowd, From protesters outside the RNC to Mark Cuban to certain speakers within his own party (*cough* Ted Cruz *cough*). But he’s got plenty of supporters too, right?

“Probably people don’t have jobs. They don’t have money to purchase it,” said Tomasino. “Once Trump gets in, they can buy all his gear.”

Whatever the reason for everyone else, Tomasino’s got her own reason for not buying swag at rallies.

“I don’t need to buy it, I can make my own,” she laughed. “But I have yet to meet the man!  I want him to see the dress because I think he would really laugh.”

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