Trump and South Korean President meet at White House before North Korea summit

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Koreas may be new BFF’s, but President Trump is still a third wheel!

Trump and South Korea’s President Moon met at the White House Tuesday to have a little chat about North Korea before the big summit in Singapore next month.

Trump said during the meeting, “The big topic will be Singapore and the meeting, see what happens, whether or not it happens. If it does that’ll be great. It’ll be a great thing for North Korea, and if it doesn’t, that’s ok too.”

The meeting between the two leaders comes after North Korea threatened to back out of the summit, but President Trump is optimistic the peace talks will happen at some point.

“There’s a very substantial chance that it won’t work out and that’s OK. That doesn’t mean it won’t work out over a period of time,” Trump said.

North Korea is full steam ahead when it comes to dismantling one of their nuclear test sites as a step towards denuclearization, which is something the President says needs to happen if there’s even a remote chance of peace between countries.

“North Korea has the chance to be a great country, and they can’t be a great country under the circumstances that they’re living right now,” Trump explained.

What better way to remember all of this talk of peace, then by putting it on a piece of metal!

The White House Communications Agency made a “trip coin” to remember the potential meeting between the two nations, something they do when Presidents travel overseas.

North Korea may be on the brink of denuclearization, but we’re wondering if Kim Jong Un will pull the plug on the summit just because of those double chins!

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