TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – There were some minor traffic delays in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, earlier this week after raw chicken parts were spilled along a street.

“Hold your nose and drive carefully if you’re coming through downtown Tuscaloosa this morning,” the Tuscaloosa Police Department wrote on Facebook Tuesday.

According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, a truck carrying chicken waste “lost its load” on a downtown boulevard sometime before 8 a.m. The raw chicken was scattered across three lanes, with pieces splattered for approximately a quarter-mile, police indicated.

Drivers were urged to be cautious or avoid the area entirely, as the chicken was causing “some vehicles to slide across the roadway.”

Crews with the Alabama Department of Transportation were sent out to clean up the spill.

Local drivers who were affected by the spill remarked on the stinky, slippery conditions on Facebook, with one vowing to get her car washed “ASAP.” Others Facebook users, meanwhile, were at least able to laugh at the bizarre incident.

“Lord please don’t raise the chicken prices to cover this,” one user wrote.

“I guess the chicken didn’t make it across the road,” another joked.