Troy Aikman Talks Drafting a QB & Johnny Manziel

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DALLAS — While the Cowboys' 4-12 season was almost unbearable to watch, the one benefit is that the Boys get a top pick in this year’s draft!

Yep, and at 4th overall a lot of fans are hoping the team looks to the future and drafts a top flight QB. Two names stand out this year: Jared Goff from Cal and Paxton Lynch from Memphis.

It would actually be a historic move to draft a first round quarterback. Over the past 50 drafts, Dallas has only drafted one quarterback in the first round: Troy AIkman. Earlier this week, Aikman gave his thoughts on the team drafting a QB.

“If you believe that one of these guys is a franchise quarterback and they’re available, I don’t know how you can’t take him!” Aikman told NewsFix.

The Hall of Famer even had the perfect example of how a young gun studying under Tony Romo could work out.

“The Green Bay Packers back in 2006, they took one when Aaron Rodgers slid down to them, but they had a hall of fame quarterback [Brett Favre] that was playing who had never missed a game,” Aikman said. “He had never not played in a game and he wouldn’t miss a game for another 3 years, with the Packers and that’s worked out really well.”

Another big question perhaps on the minds of some fans: can Jerry Jones resist Johnny Manziel if he becomes available?

“I don’t know, I don’t know,” Aikman laughed. “The one thing about it is, we all know mores about Johnny Manziel today than we did when he was coming out.”

Yeah, and while basically none of that knowledge is good, that hasn’t stopped some fans from putting together a petition to bring Johnny Football to Dallas.

So, the Cowboys have their options laid out for them. Guess we’ll know in about five years if they make the right choice or not.

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