Trevone Boykin Looks to Rebuild His Reputation & NFL Hopes

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Trevone Boykin throws at TCU's Pro Day on Thursday.
Trevone Boykin throws at TCU’s Pro Day on Thursday. (Photo: Tim Roberts)

FT. WORTH — It was Pro Day out at TCU, and former Frogs like LaDanian Tomlinson and Andy Dalton were back in town to check out the new crop of Horned Frogs trying to break their way into the NFL.

But the biggest spotlight of the day was on QB Trevone Boykin.

Boykin, who shattered TCU records, also shattered his perfect image when he was arrested back in December when he allegedly hit a cop during a bar fight down in San Antonio.

And now, Trevone is trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild himself for the NFL.

“I learned so much from it. I was truly remorseful about the whole situation and how it went down,” said Boykin. “What I can get across right now is just about being positive.”

And a lot of that positivity comes from Coach Gary Patterson who, despite having to suspend Trevone from the team’s Bowl game this past year, is still his number one advocate.

“[He’s] Got a great skill set, great athlete, and really a pretty good football IQ,” praised Patterson.

Maybe it’s that football IQ that has Boykin advertising himself not just as a QB, but also possibly as a wide receiver.

“If a team wants me to play receiver, I’ll play receiver. If a team has a vision for me getting in as a quarterback, I’ll play quarterback,” said Boykin. “So I’m fully committed to playing football, I’m a football player.”

In the end, what it all comes down to is this: there are guys who have done a lot worse than Boykin who are playing pro football on Sundays.

The question is, do teams see enough talent in this Horned Frog to be forgiving?

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