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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Drivers who fuel up before hitting the road this Thanksgiving might save a few bucks.

As on Monday, the cheapest gas averages in the state could be found in Hidalgo County.

According to a AAA report, the national average for a gallon of unleaded gasoline dropped 11 cents in the past week to $3.66. Hover, prices were well below that price Monday at pumps across the Rio Grande Valley.

Cheapest to most-expensive average gas prices in Texas

For those scrambling to make it to Thanksgiving dinner tables in other cities this week, below is a list of prices for regular unleaded gas prices throughout the state, as of Monday:

  • McAllen-Edinburg-Mission: $2.799
  • Corpus Christi: $2.816
  • Brownsville-Harlingen: $2.821
  • Sherman-Denison: $2.831
  • Victoria: $2.850
  • Laredo: $2.866
  • Dallas: $2.917
  • San Antonio: $2.922
  • Fort Worth-Arlington: $2.933
  • Waco: $2.938
  • Tyler: $2.988
  • Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood: $2.943
  • Houston: $2.990
  • Austin-San Marcos: $3.006
  • Lubbock: $3.007
  • Amarillo: $3.009
  • Beaumont-Port Arthur: $3.013
  • Texarkana: $3.023
  • Galveston-Texas City: $3.027
  • San Angelo: $3.031
  • Longview: $3.032
  • College Station-Bryan: $3.087
  • Abilene: $3.091
  • El Paso: $3.138
  • Wichita Falls: $3.148
  • Odessa: $3.166
  • Midland: $3.212

The state of Texas ranks No. 1 among the Top 10 least expensive markets with prices averaging at $2.99; followed by Georgia ($3.10), Mississippi ($3.12), Arkansas ($3.13), Louisiana ($3.17), Oklahoma ($3.18), Tennessee ($3.20), Alabama ($3.22), South Carolina ($3.22) and Missouri ($3.24), the AAA reported.

Look for the deals

In Cameron County, Daniel Sanchez, a Los Fresnos resident, told ValleyCentral he paid $2.55 for a gallon at the Circle K off highway 100.

“I’m always looking for the best gas prices,” Sanchez said. “And for a while that’s been, at that Circle K here in Los Fresnos, the one place probably for the last month, month and a half, with the lowest gas prices, better prices.”

He said this has been his go-to spot for the past six months. Sanchez told ValleyCentral he uses EZ pay, a card that works as a debit card, to help him get 10 cents off on gas.

Between Brownsville and Harlingen, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded was $2.82 as of Monday. This is 17 cents cheaper than the average for the same gallon a year ago.

How are prices changing in Texas

Prices have been on a downward trend since the summer when the highest recorded average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was $4.69 in June. This week, Texas gas prices sit at nearly the same averages that drivers would have found a year ago, with the current average only a couple cents cheaper than the $3.01 average in 2021.

Within Texas, though, prices indicate that those traveling in North and West Texas will likely find some of the state’s highest prices. Terrell County holds the highest average for a gallon of gas at $3.89 as of Monday.

Counties in South Texas have the lowest prices, with Hidalgo County being the cheapest at $2.79 as of Monday.