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HANOI, VIETNAM – So you’re looking to get out of dodge for a much-deserved vacay, but you and your significant other are also trying to start a family?? Well, that can really throw a wrench into your travel plans, because Zika is still a very real problem.

However, according to our world traveler – Drew Binsky – there are still plenty of great places you can visit.

“The first country, really the only country in the Caribbean that is known to be Zika at the moment is Bermuda,” said Drew. “It’s probably the cheapest country to get away from the U.S. for a Zika free destination.

“If you’re thinking about staying in the U.S. and you want to take a domestic trip, you could look into California or Hawaii.

“If you’re thinking about going to South America, most countries there have reported Zika cases, but there are a few that haven’t. The ones that do not have Zika are Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Argentina.”

Now, if you’re not feeling South America, Drew says Australia and New Zealand may be your next best bet!

“Both countries are amongst the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. New Zealand is fantastic. I spent 10 days there, and I’ve been to Australia a few times. A lot of people feel comfortable going there because the culture is similar to the U.S., “ says Drew.

Before you go buy a ticket and jet set to one of those beautiful destinations, Drew says it’s extremely important to make sure you check sites like this one from the CDC to make sure the country you plan on visiting – is indeed Zika free.

If you want to check out more of Drew’s travels and tips, click here, or find out where he is right now by adding him on Snapchat.

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