TravelFix: What to wear, and what not to wear on flights

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DALLAS -- It wasn't too long ago when the debate about what to wear when flying was reignited. It was after a couple of girls weren't allowed to board a United Airlines flight because of what they were wearing: yoga pants.

To make a long story short - United was completely within their rights to that -- because the passengers were flying for free on passes which are typically reserved for employees or family and friends of airline employees. And if you choose to fly on a pass, you also have to follow a strict dress code.

But the debate was already started, with two schools of thought emerging. One being to dress up.  The other is to dress comfortably. Well, who better to ask than someone who flies all the time??

So we went straight to our travel expert, Drew Binsky:

"Everyone's different, right? For business travelers, they obviously need to wear proper clothes because a lot of the time they get off the plane and go to a meeting,” said Drew. “But ya know, pretty much everyone else… I would highly suggest, and recommend wearing comfortable clothes.”

Drew practices what he preaches. When flying, he’ll typically wear sweatpants, a t-shirt, and have a sweatshirt on hand.

But staying comfortable is more than just your clothes!

"On longer flights, the air is stale on the plane, and a lot of the time you can get a scratchy throat. It happens to me all the time. So you wanna just always stay hydrated,” recommends Drew. “I really don’t recommend drinking alcohol on planes because it’ll dehydrate you more.”

If you wanna check out more tips from Drew add him on Snapchat.

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