Travel Fix: why you shouldn’t check in a bag when flying on a plane

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When it comes to traveling around the world on planes, one thing you'll rarely catch our Drew Binsky doing is checking in a bag!

"I have never checked in a bag.. only unless I'm  forced to," said Drew.

And believe it or not, Drew only travels with two backpacks. Why? He says checking in a bag can be ex-pensive, "In America, it's about 25 bucks to check a bag - depending on the airline. If you're going to fly some budget airlines, especially in Europe[...] they're going to charge you $50 - $100 a bag."

And with the number of flights Drew has been on in just the past 3 years, he claims to have saved about $5,000!

But money is not the only motive here. Drew says if you check in a bag, there's a risk of losing it. "I would recommend putting all of your valuables in a smaller bag," said Drew.

So what does he exactly pack in two backpacks?

Drew says he has a lot of electronics and medicines. But when it come to packing clothes, he only brings a few items. " I do laundry about every five days [...] there's always a laundry mat," said Drew.

And most importantly, Drew says packing light and not having to check in a bag just saves him time at the airport. He said, " waiting at baggage claim can sometimes be 10 minutes to an hour. Many times you just have to go and you don't want to sit in the airport for an extra hour just to wait for your bag. "

Whether or not you agree with Drew, make sure to follow him on Instagram to keep-up with his latest adventures!


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