Travel Fix: How layovers can be beneficial

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When booking a flight overseas, Travel Fix’s Drew Binsky says always try to book long layovers! Not only does it help break-up your long travel days, but it gives you the chance to explore new cities!

“I’ve done this dozens of times. I have some of my best stories to tell from those stories,” Drew said.

Drew says there are certain countries that give you a free transit visa if you only have a layover. All you have to do is show them proof of your ticket.

“Normally as Americans, we have to get a visa to China. You have to go to the embassy. You have to pay $150 minimum. And it’s a whole process,” Drew said.

But if you have a layover less than 72 hours, it’s a whole different story.

“Then you’re allowed to leave the airport, get a visa free, or get a visa stamped in your passport. And that’s it,” Drew said.

Drew has had five layovers in Beijing and he says he’s been able to do plenty of things!

” I was able to go to the Great Wall of China, come back, have plenty of time, go to a nice dinner.  Go out, party in the city, then go back to the airport,” he said.

And his most recent trip to Beijing, Drew was even able to go to a soccer game!

But Drew says China isn’t the only country that offers transit visas.

“There’s a lot of places in the Middle East where you’re allowed to get the transit Visa,” he says. “I know Saudi Arabia gives the 72 hours, and I think Bahrain or Quiet also give free transit Visas. I think Algeria also does it ”

So when booking, Drew says consider a long layover! It may turn into the highlight of your trip.

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