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Last time we talked to Travel Fix’s Drew Binsky, he was enjoying Barcelona’s warm weather.

Today, he tells us about his cruise to the world’s coldest continent: Antarctica.

“As you can imagine, it’s like winter wonderland. The snow is tall, everything is white. It just feels like you’re on a Discovery Channel TV show,” Drew said.  “You have penguins everywhere – like thousands. We saw a tons of whales, dolphins, sea lines, leopards seals, all different species of birds. And it was just really fascinating.”

Drew says there’s actually a ton of fun of things to do!

“We went snowshoeing,  we went kayaking, we went hiking, we went just wondering around,” Drew said.

He even got to swim in the ice-cold water!

“I just jumped in the water. The temperature of the water was 31 degrees Fahrenheit . It was below freezing because of the salt of the water,” he said. “You can only stay in the water for about less than two seconds before your whole body goes numb, and then you have to jump out.”

Drew says no humans live on the continent, so it’s full of nature. But it’s expensive to visit.

“It only gets about 40 thousand visitors a year – all tourists. So it’s really not so popular. Because A, it’s expensive and B, it’s hard to get to. You can’t really fly to Antarctica, you have to take a boat, and they’re not cheap,” he said.

Turns out, on average,  it’ll set you back roughly $10,000 per visit.

“The company that I went with was Hurtigruten,” Drew said. “They’re really fantastic to work with. Everything was really well  organized and well planned. I’d highly recommend them.”

Drew says if you’re going to save up for any big trip, Antarctica should be the one.

“It’s just surreal, it’s one of those places that are impossible to describe, ” he said. “No matter what I say you have to go there and see it with your own eyes.”

But, due to season changes, the best time to visit is the end of October to March, during their summer and fall season. After that, Drew says it’s freezing and dark 24/7.

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