Travel Fix: Drew Binsky’s top 5 destinations for food

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DALLAS -- One of the biggest adjustments when traveling outside of the country is usually food!

Drew Binsky says when it comes to delicious meals, Asia is where it's at.

"My top five would be, all in Asia probably. So, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and I'm going to say India," Drew said.

So, what sticks out the most to drew about japan?

"You got Sushi. You got ramen. You got all kinds of fresh fish. [There's] teppanyaki, okonomiyaki. It's like this fried pancake that they do. Basically, Japanese food is incredible. They always sip on this really hot green tea which is very tasty," he said.

Perhaps, you like more smoky flavors.

"The best meal you can get anywhere, the most plentiful, is Korean barbecue. You sit down. You have a grill in the middle of the table. They bring you all the side dishes all the spices, the hot soups, and you grill your own pork or beef right in front of you. It's amazing," he said.

So, for the noodle lovers out there, Vietnam might just be perfect for you.

"The best thing about Vietnam is Pho. It's a noodle dish, a rice noodle dish. And you have these fresh spring rolls and this dish called bun cha which are these fatty grilled pork, kind of like meatballs. They're like little patties."

If you're looking for even more flavor, Thailand's got the hot stuff!

"If you like really spicy food, Thailand is a good option. They've got those really spicy red and green chiles. My favorite Thai dishes are pad thai, which is like dry noodles with peanuts and different kinds of sauces and vegetables kind of like on a Wok so it's sauteed. Then, I like green curry, which is not like Indian curry. It's like coconut based," he said.

No one does curry quite like India!

"If you don't like curry, you probably won't like Indian food. It's very thick and hearty. I also love having the garlic non. Non is like this fried flatbread that comes with it," Drew said.

So, while you may have tried some of these treats here in the states, there's nothing better than the real deal!

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