Travel Fix: Drew Binsky gives you his top 5 beach destinations abroad

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DALLAS -- Nothing says summer quite like beaches!

Drew Binsky definitely has experience with those. So of course, he can tell you which ones you might want to add to that bucket list of yours!

"Number one would be the Philippines. It has amazing, crystal clear blue water," Drew said.

"It's amazing, perfect you know getting coconuts on the beach, white sand on your toes, massage on the beach. It's a dream".

You might not think of Africa when you think of beach destinations, but maybe you should; at least in Zanzibar, Tanzania anyway.

"The thing that's so cool about Zanzibar: the low tide, which comes everyday goes out like a mile. So, you can just walk, ankle deep into the water all the way out. There's like starfish and of course the water's like crystal clear," he said.

For the lovers, and others too, here's a spot in Indonesia, that may, quite literally, float your boat!

"Bali Indonesia...that's a really popular honeymoon spot but it's also an incredible island for beaches. The whole island is pretty big. There's about 3 million people on it but you can just rent a motorbike and ride around to the different parts of the island and just get absolutely stunning beaches," Drew said.

But if Europe is more your style, Greece is the place to be.

"There's a couple of islands one is called Mykonos. It's a big party island but it's also beautiful for beaches. Another nearby island is called Naxos and Ios and Santorini. So, those 4 islands would be what I would recommend. But honestly, anywhere in Greece where you go, you're going to see perfect beaches," he said

And last but not least: Fiji!

"It's out in the Pacific Islands. [It's] another honeymoon spot. It's very expensive there but tons of resorts, It's just about as it can get for any beach. In Fiji, there's one main island and there's like 300 other small islands. You can really take a boat ride and just hop around," Drew said.

Now, it's your turn to get out your swimwear and hit the waves!

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