Training Day: Wylie Holds Special Active Shooter Training

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WYLIE, TX — It’s the worst case scenario for first responders: An active shooter situation at a school or other public place.

“You hope that it doesn’t happen here but its something that I’m thankful that we are preparing ourselves for.” said Wylie Police Sergeant Donna Valdepena

Well on Friday, the city of Wylie held a massive active shooter training exercise at McMillan Junior High.

It’s a brand new program put together by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University.

“This is one of the pilot programs that we’re doing at the ALERRT program, this is the second class that we’ve taught” said Captain Jeoff Williams with the Texas Department of Public Safety, “Eventually this will be the way that we all train.”

The program centers in on training Fire and Police jointly, preparing them to approach an active shooter situation together.

“We have to be prepared and we can take this training and apply it to many other things as well because we work together on such a regular basis.” said Brandon Blythe, the Assistant Chief with the Wylie Fire Department.

They also teach advanced medical methods to paramedics as well as the responding cops, so that casualties in a shooting are getting medical attention immediately.

“As a patrol officer getting to a scene we’re probably going to be some of the first ones arriving,” said Sergeant Valdepena, “And to be able to hopefully save lives by some of this training that we’re receiving is invaluable.”

And if a terrible situation like this does happen, those here are hoping that the training makes them invaluable in saving lives.

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