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The annual Princeton Review rankings are in, and on this list, GPA has nothing to do with grades; rather, it’s an acronym for great party academies.

Taking the top spot as the biggest bash-loving school in the USA – Syracuse University. Last year’s title holder, the University of Iowa, fell to second. Guess you could say Syracuse has earned its Ph.D. in partying.

In case you`re wondering, no North Texas universities landed on the list of Top 20 Party Schools. On the flip side, the University of Dallas in Irving did earn a spot as one of the most sober schools in America.

That`s not the only Princeton accreditation the campus earned. UD was number one on the ‘Least Beautiful Campus’ list. Wonder if beauty is in the eye of the beer holder?

UD can also boast they are on two other distinquished lists — `Most Religious` and `Most Conservative.’  The Catholic college is home to just under 3,000 students.

Looks like the only field this campus majors in is studying; and hey, that`s not a bad thing.