Too Soon? Scouting Site Sets Sight on Two 6th Graders

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NORTH TEXAS — When it comes to football, nobody wants to cheer for a losing team. Yeah, what’s the fun in that?

So, is it any wonder why scouts are always on the hunt for the next big grid iron break-out star?

Hey, sites like have turned recruiting into a sport. Now, the site has set its sights on two particular players; but it’s not their potential that’s raising eyebrows – it’s their age.

Get this – these two tykes – Tyson Thornton and Daron Bryden are just sixth graders. Yeah, you heard us — sixth graders, folks. 6th graders

The kids aren’t even old enough to drive, but the site scouts are ready to drive their football careers straight into a pro end zone. C’mon, does anyone think this warrants a red flag?

With all the recent news about football and concussions, is it a good thing to tap potential at such a young age?

Guess we’ll just let the ref decide if this ruling on the field should stand.

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