Too Much Minaj? Nicki Minaj Cutouts Found on Cathedral Steps

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HELSINKI, FINLAND- Warning: This next story contains some butt puns!

Watch out Kim K, there’s a new booty breaking the Internet! We’re talking Nicki Minaj’s hot buns!!

Things got a bit cheeky after a thousand life size cut outs of Nicki lined the steps of this cathedral in Finland! Don’t worry, there were no anacondas around!

So why was Nicki’s bottom at the base of these church steps?

Well apparently, the influx of butts was a marketing stunt to butter up the crowd to attend an upcoming summer festival in Finland where Nicki is scheduled to perform.

The booty-ful part of it all? Free tickets to the festival were found behind her behind!

Guess Finland likes big butts and that’s no lie!

Look like this bounty of bare booty has taken the Internet by storm, resulting in Nicki cutouts in re-donculous places.

Hey, we found Nicki in a tree, double trouble in someone’s bed, Nicki on a park bench and Nicki inspired poses. Hey, you can even get low with your friends!

The only back side to this story is that it didn’t happen closer to home!

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