Too Fat? Bumblebees in danger because they can’t mate

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From almost the beginning of time, they’ve been one-half of a nice way to talk about procreation.

But now, the humble bumblebee may not be able to keep up its end of the bargain. Several species of them are dying off.

Scientists first looked at the usual suspects, like pesticides and climate change, but it might be something a little more basic.

Apparently, the male drones are getting bloated. They get so fat they can’t mate.

And it’s not because they’re eating too much. The scientists are blaming a parasitic fungus. Bumblebees have had that fungus all along, but now, for some reason, the parasite is multiplying like crazy.

Researchers say pesticides and climate change can also threaten the bumble bees and there’s no real plan to do anything about it.

So it’s really a tough time to be a bee.

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